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Welcome to AgriDev

We provide nature-based solutions tailored to address market challenges and inefficient use of natural resources


Founded by a team of professional experts who developed and implemented agriculture development projects for the last 15 years in the MENA region

AGRIDEV is a consultancy firm specialized in developing and implementing food security, agriculture and rural development projects in the MENA region. Scarce and dwindling water resources, increased intensity of climate variations and extremes (drought, flood, etc.), protracted sociopolitical crises including civil war and forced displacement, and increased food demands as the population keeps growing place the agriculture sector at the forefront of mitigating poverty and food insecurity and creating inclusive livelihoods for the most vulnerable

Process of Services’ Provision

follow 4 easy steps


the needs

Define the specific client needs to professionally address them


Prepare context-based solutions

Provide efficient solutions
with measurable impacts



Plan scenarios for field work to be delivered and implemented on time



Map outcomes and disseminate lessons learned

“We need to empower local communities to sustain their food systems while increasing their resilience to climate and market shocks”

AgriDev Team

Why Choose us

Efficient solutions for sustainable food systems

  • 01

    We build on community indigenous knowledge to define context-based solutions

  • 02

    We design and implement pilots to preserve local food systems    

  • 03

    We empower communities to lead the development process in addressing their needs

What Makes Us Special?

We provide local sectoral solutions that address global challenges and we equip agriculture stakeholders with knowledge and skills to preserve food systems